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Creative Ideas For Painting Furniture

White paint on furniture has become a popular choice for bedrooms. This color has a clean and streamlined look. However, some people have opted for a more creative approach to painting their furniture. Consider re-painting your old nightstand with a color you love. If you want to make it stand out more, you can add dark decorative knobs. However, be sure to avoid painting the wood itself with any new paint.

Using paint techniques like decoupage on furniture is an easy way to change the look of any piece. You can buy decorative paper in different colors, which you can use to create a new look. An old bookshelf can be transformed into a gorgeous looking piece of art with some teal chalk paint and a few butterflies. Decoupage also makes a beautiful instant antique. To complete the look, apply hemp oil or milk paint to the piece.

For a colorful, fun touch, paint your wooden furniture with a bright color. The colors will stand out against neutral interiors and greenery. If you don’t feel like taking the time to paint your furniture, you can paint it with a spray gun. However, a good surface preparation will be necessary to ensure a flawless finish. Using a spray paint on wooden furniture is also a great way to transform old pieces. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation.

Once you’ve chosen your paint color, you can now apply unique hardware and finish it with chalky-finish paint. Using chalky paint on oak furniture is another inexpensive, creative way to update your old pieces. A table made of solid oak can look completely transformed with black chalk paint. You can also use gray chalk paint to achieve the same effect. For a more modern look, you can even paint the inside.

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