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How Effective is a No Sugar Diet in Fat Loss?

When considering weight loss, a no sugar diet may be a good option. This type of diet doesn’t require strict meal timings or composition. While cutting out sugar isn’t hard, it should be done gradually. It’s important to eat foods rich in fiber, as well as other nutrients such as healthy fats. You should also carefully read the labels of your foods, and look for those that contain only minimal amounts of added sugar.

A no sugar diet requires strict adherence to the eating plan. While this diet can help you shed unwanted pounds, cutting out added sugar will require you to be more careful. Instead of focusing on fruits, you need to eat more complex carbohydrates and less processed foods. Eating less sugar means you’ll lose more body fat and keep it off. It’s also important to eat enough protein and healthy fat to reduce hunger and keep off the extra weight.

Cutting out candy and soda isn’t enough. Added sugars are hidden in many foods we think of as healthy. You need to identify your biggest offenders and eliminate them from your diet. Some examples of hidden sugars include coffee, Starbucks, and McDonald’s yogurt parfait, which have over 28 grams of sugar per serving. You can’t just cut out these foods; you need to cut out these as well.

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