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How Long Do Games Stay on an Xbox Game Pass?

If you’re wondering how long games stay on an Xbox Game Pass, you’ve come to the right place. Xbox’s game pass is like a Netflix subscription for gaming. You have access to hundreds of games, which you can rotate through at your leisure. The Xbox Game Pass service offers games from Microsoft, as well as Xbox Games Studios. It excludes games from the Xbox 360, though. Games stay on your Xbox Game Pass subscription for a limited amount of time.

The Xbox Game Pass is like Netflix for games, but instead of streaming, you must download the games on your own. The game pass app lets you queue up games to download when you want them. The download times are pretty long, and you can’t play several games at once. Microsoft has confirmed that five new games will be added to the program every month. Microsoft gives subscribers plenty of notice that the games will be removed, but it isn’t a good idea to play the game before it’s removed.

Microsoft prioritizes the games that their subscribers play. Obviously, this strategy won’t work with creators who don’t fall into certain demographics. In addition, it’s unlikely that Microsoft will re-up deals for games that are already on Game Pass. As a result, the Xbox Game Pass is less likely to boast about new games that will become available on Xbox Game Pass later on.

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