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How the Environment Changes Values and Beliefs

How do we change a person’s value orientation? The author discusses the concept of a pluralist perspective, which accepts that a person has different values. The author defines values as “general principles that can be applied to a specific ecosystem or species.” This view offers several intervention points. But we need to be aware of the variations within a SES. In this context, pluralism may be helpful in understanding the impact of a SES on behavior.

While many people believe that genes determine attitudes, psychologists suggest that environmental factors are much stronger predictors than genetics. Most of the research on attitudes has used twin studies to look at how environment influences attitudes. But scientists doubt that a specific gene determines a person’s attitude proclivity. Instead, they believe that a person’s attitude proclivity funnels through personality and stems from genes that influence neurochemistry.

The environmental context may also affect values. Environmental changes have a profound effect on values. The study of held values sheds light on enduring beliefs regarding the conduct of human beings. The study of assigned values can illuminate attitudes toward specific environmental aspects, and the benefits they derive from interactions with them. It is possible to influence the value of cultural heritage through environmental communication. This is an example of the environmental impacts of climate change.

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