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What Are the Best Website Designs You Know of?

Do you know of the best website designs? If so, which are the most popular? Here are some of the most attractive designs you’ve seen online. Don’t forget to use action color on your links, buttons, and menus. They not only add value to your website but also break the monotony of plain text. And don’t forget to use the best color for your call to action! You’ll be surprised at how much this element can boost your conversion rates!

If you want to see a wide selection of websites, check out Awwwards, a site that features a different website each day. This site has in-depth analysis and you can comment on the designs. The sites featured on Awwwards are usually modern, edgy, and aesthetically pleasing. The Best Website Gallery is another place to look for inspiration. It features over 25k templates from various verticals and gives you a good idea of what’s out there.

The Block Rage website, for example, is dedicated to a competitive puzzle game. The design was created to evoke 80s/early 90s nostalgia and is adorned with memorabilia from Ghostbusters. The website is a homage to the nostalgic decade while leveraging the principles of minimalism and modernity to create a beautiful, user-friendly design. And it’s not just websites with great designs.

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