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What is the Expected Price of Bitcoin in 2021?

The answer to this question depends on how you perceive the market capitalization of Bitcoin. Some people believe that Bitcoin will become the global reserve currency, while others think that a competitor will come along and take over. Some analysts say that Bitcoin could reach $100K per unit in 2022. There is no solid reason to think that Bitcoin’s price will stay at the same level into the next decade, but that is one possible scenario.

In 2021, Finder polled 35 fintech experts and asked them if they would buy or sell Bitcoin in the next year. Those panelists answered the questions as many times as they wished. Depending on the question, respondents could answer as many or as few as they wanted. Approximately two-thirds of the panel thought that it is a good time to purchase Bitcoin. The remaining third thought that it is the wrong time to invest in the crypto market.

According to Bloomberg Research, bitcoin is likely to hit $12,000 or more by the end of 2021. A similar trend has occurred this year. While cryptocurrencies are in an uptrend, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will remain there. The current price of Bitcoin is just over $44,000, which makes it easy to see how a few years from now could see it double or triple. But, if you follow Bloomberg Research’s prediction, the cryptocurrency is likely to be doubling in price.

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