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Why Do Protein Shakes Make Me Poop?

Why do protein shakes make you poop? It might sound odd at first, but this phenomenon is fairly common. It is not related to a particular brand or type of powder. It may even occur in people who are lactose intolerant, a condition largely inherited. It is also not related to a specific brand or type of powder, although some lower-quality brands may cause the same problem.

While protein is a good dietary supplement for athletes and bodybuilders, it may not be the best choice for people who are concerned about their digestion. If consumed in excess, protein shakes may cause you to experience unpleasant digestive symptoms. They contain artificial sweeteners, which can increase the risk of diarrhea. Another reason protein shakes may make you poop is that they contain lactose, a naturally occurring sugar in milk.

One common reason protein shakes make people poop is due to the lack of fiber. When our bodies are dehydrated, they work extra hard to eliminate waste products, and the kidneys rely on water to flush them out. When we consume more fiber, we can avoid these digestive problems. But protein shakes do cause constipation, as well. In addition, protein can make your farts smell funnier.

It may be related to the type of protein in a protein shake. Some people suffer from lactose intolerance and suffer constipation. Other people experience diarrhea after taking a protein shake. If you are suffering from constipation, it is best to avoid the shake and try a different brand. In addition, you may want to increase your fiber intake by adding more fiber to your actual meals.

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